7. Change Log

Changes to each release will be added here

7.1. Release: 0.1.4

Date: 2019 June 04

Description: Several feature additions and enhancements

  • Consider fixed costs by setting EONR.costs_fixed
  • Added feature to use custom plot title (e.g., EONR.plot_modify_title("My New Title"))
  • Added feature to plot only the NRTN and cost_n_fert line if cost_n_fert is not zero
  • Assert that user has EONR.price_grain > 0 before calculating EONR
  • Added feature to compute the difference from the t-statistic (as a function of theta2/N rate) when calculating profile-likelihood CIs for EONR
  • Added feature to plot the difference from the t-statistic as a function of theta2/N rate (e.g., EONR.plot_delta_tstat)
  • Included “R*” and “costs_at_onr” to EONR.df_results.
  • Taking precaution to be sure optimization of profile-likelihood CIs aren’t caught at a local miniumum.
  • Moving all “linspace” arrays to a new dataframe (EONR.df_linspace)
  • Calculating the derivative of the net return to nitrogen curve (EONR.coefs_nrtn)
  • Added basic plotting for a zoomed in look at the net return curve (EONR.plot_derivative)
  • Added vertical line to represent ONR to EONR.fig_tau

7.2. Release: 0.1.3

Date: 2019 March 31

Description: Fix to profile-likelihood and bootstrap CIs when cost_n_social > 0.

  • Added examples folder to official package distribution
  • Added a fix so EONR.models.R is updated for cost_n_social > 0
  • Column name in df_ci changed from “eonr_error” to “eonr_bias”.

7.3. Release: 0.1.2

Date: 2019 March 30

Description: initial release